Accessible WordPress Theme

The roboust theme

If you want a website for long time, Manduca is a good choice for that. This theme is applicable for WordPress pages which wants to comply with ISO/IEC:40500 (WCAG 2.0) and WCAG 2.1.

WordPress is accessible

WordPress developers has an accessiblilty team. They provide expertise across the project to keep and improve the WCAG compliance of WordPress core. For a long time, new or updated code must conform with the WCAG at level AA. This means that backend of WordPress is highly accessible. Frontend accessibility are highly exposed to the theme and plugins activated.


Manduca is very easy to redesign. Manduca generates a simple, error-free, accessible HTML code. Your design can be easily overriden in a child theme. I wac created dozens of sites with Manduca’s childe theme and each one is different and comply with WCAG. See the large scale of webdesigns.external

Website for everyone

The Inventor of world-wide-web and director of World Wide Web Consortium said: The power of the Web is in its universality. Access by everyone regardless of disability is an essential aspect. (Timothy Berners-Lee). Accessible webpage is usable not only with disabled persons but better for SEO and for each users. Manduca is two legs of WCAG compliance. If you upload your content, you get an accessible website.

Accessibility and SEO

Websites comply with WCAG have better SEO performance. This is due to the valid HTML codes. Google is the biggest disabled user of the web. Google cannot see images, moving effects.

Universal design

Accessibility is part of a user experience, but user experience is target only a selected group of people, while accessiblilty target for every people. The 7 principles of Universal design (Equitable use, flexible use etc.) have lots of common with WCAG. Manduca gives a good basis of developing website based on universal design principles.